Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Political Mandates

It seems that the Government is complaining because many of their bills are being blocked in the Senate. Surely the fact that they did not get a majority in the Senate and need to convince enough independents to vote for their changes there and are not always succeeding in doing so means that they do not have any mandate for making those proposed changes. The people voted for a Senate where neither party has a majority just as they gave the Government a majority in the House of Representatives. Surely if the people had wanted to give the Government a mandate to make all of their changes they would have voted them a majority in both houses.

Note that this post would read exactly the same regardless of which party is in Government and will apply similarly the next time the current opposition wins a majority in one house and not the other. The way our system works means that a given party can only get bills passed without getting agreement from those outside of their party if the people vote them a majority in both houses – something that rarely happens these days.

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