Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Politically Correct

In many cases a so called politically correct term is actually less so than the original. Take the work “chairman” for example where the literal meaning is “the person with their hand on the chair” – since the man part is latin meaning hand – similarly derived words include mandible and manacle both of which have man in them to indicate that it is related to the hand. The replacement word “chairperson” no longer contains any reference to hand and so no longer implies control but it does have “son” in it implying masculine gender.

While considering politically correct terms here’s a couple I suggest. Instead of ‘gaga’ it should be ‘dementia’ or ‘altzheimers’ and instead of ‘gay’ we should substitute ‘happy’ or ‘merry’. These have the benefit of not changing the meaning of the words used.

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