Saturday, February 21st, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I had a “so called” hamburger from one of the multinational fast food stores. The burger was about three mouthfuls in size and had two mini patties and a coin sized piece of bacon in it. Yesterday I was asked if I wanted a hamburger for dinner, I said yes provided that it is a real hamburger and not one like I had last time. What I was given – which I refused to eat as it wasn’t what I agreed to – was a larger “so called” burger from the same store with a more normal sized pattie, yellow plastic, and a little lettuce and tomato. At best I would call this half a hamburger not a real one.

In my view a basic hamburger has a reasonable sized pattie with properly cooked onion and salad consisting of lettuce, tomato and beetroot. That’s the bare minimum for me to consider it a hamburger. A proper hamburger also has at least two out of cheese (proper chees and not plastic), bacon (a couple of rashers, not a piece barely big enough to see), a slice of pineapple and an egg. If the burger has all four then that is enough to consider the hamburger to be a meal.

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