Friday, March 20th, 2015

Do Not Call

I have my home phone number on the ‘do not call’ register.This means that the only companies that are allowed to call are those that already have some sort of relationship with me (eg. having sold me something). If a company without some sort of prior interaction with me calls I can report them.

Apparently the same restriction doesn’t apply to charities and politicians even though it is obvious that anyone with an entry on the ‘do not call’ register probably doesn’t want them calling either. A solution to one of these groups is to set up your own ‘do not donate’ register and when a charity phones and identifies themselves they get added to that register so that you make sure to never donate to them again. So come on all you charities that want to ensure they never get a donation from me ever again – please call and get your charity added to my register. Unfortunately there is nothing much you can do about politicians who phone except to NOT vote for them at the next election.

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