Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Fully Automatic Electric Car

A number of companies are currently working toward producing a fully automatic electric car. At this stage it is impossible to predict which company will start selling such a vehicle first or when exactly it will happen but it can’t be too many years away.

Currently Tesla appear to be leading the race in that they already have what I would consider to be a semi-automatic electric car on the market. Google is also well in contention having developed a fully automatic system which they trialled by retrofitting some regular cars. Apple have also recently indicated possible interest in developing such a product. One group that I haven’t seen anything from with regard to this development is the big brand name car companies. Will this be a repeat of what happened a few years ago with cameras where the switch from film to digital saw several big brand names disappear to be replaced by companies better know in a different field. How many big brand car companies will disappear once people can buy a fully automatic electric car for less than they now pay for a manually driven petrol powered car?

Will driver’s licences become a thing of the past when you can climb into a any seat in a fully automatic electric car, tell the car where you want to go and enjoy the view or read a book or play computer games while the car takes you there?

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