Tuesday, April 21st, 2015


When will TV and Movie companies realise that this type of technology is obsolete? The internet means that the world is ONE region and everyone is neighbours to everyone else. The only thing that their attempts at geoblocking achieve (other than making money for the VPN companies) is to promote piracy as pirated copies are never goeblocked.

If governments want to take action against the increasing level of piracy of TV shows and movies then the simplest action they can take is to make geoblocking illegal. If the owners are serious about taking action against piracy then the law against geoblocking can be easily enforced on overseas based companies. If they want to take action against pirates then the show they want to take action about must not have been geoblocked allowing everyone the opportunity to see the show legitimately at a reasonable price.

This solution would be using the law and technology together. Any other solution would be setting the law against technology and as in every prior conflict between the law and technology, technology eventually wins and the entire concept of the law is weakened somewhat in the process. Unenforcable laws that attempt to keep people from using the technology they legally own to do anything that others can legally do with that same technology simply due to decisions made be those still living in the dark ages simply weakens all laws. The internet makes the entire world into one region. The first step the show owners need to take against piracy is to recognise this and allow everyone access to whichever of their distributers that they wish to use.

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