Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Terrorism and Murder – the difference between them

Terrorists are the very definition of insanity. They live in their own fantasy world and care nothing about anyone else. By the time that they actually commit a terrorist act such as planting a bomb or taking the lives of innocent hostages they are beyond redemption. The chances of their ever recovering from their insanity is so remote and the risk of them continuing to kill so great that the only reasonable action to take when they are caught is to execute them. In this situation their execution can not be considered to be murder as it is basically done in self defense to prevent them from committing more atrocities in which more people will be killed.

Any lesser crime than terrorism does not deserve the death penalty. Even mass murderers are capable of recovering their sanity and doing good works to at least partly atone for the harm they did while insane. They may be sentenced to live in prison with no possibility of ever being released (unless evidence is discovered to prove they didn’t do it) but executing them for what they have done means that someone else has now murdered them and so for justice to be served they too should be imprisoned for their crime.

If murderers do not deserve to die for their crime (and they don’t) then anyone committing a lesser crime doesn’t deserve that penalty either. They might deserve imprisonment until they have redeemed themselves by undoing the damage that they have done and clearly demonstrating that they have changed to the point where they will never consider repeating their prior mistake but no greater penalty than that should be imposed (most modern societies are far more lenient).

The recent actions of Joko Widodo and H.M Prastyo in Indonesia are a very close match to the actions performed by many terrorists. The only question though is whether these were deliberate terrorist acts or whether these are simply immature people who were unaware that they were committing terrorist acts. If we accept that they are like teenagers who think they know best and don’t listen to adults who know better then perhaps they should be given the benefit of the doubt. They do not deserve execution as the penalty for their crimes against humanity.

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