Friday, June 19th, 2015

Dancing With Dragons

Just finished re-reading this book and noticed that GRRM has built a “spoiler” into the back of the book. There is a substantial list of all of the characters mentioned in the book (and the preceding ones) at the back that shows the relationships between everyone. The other thing that the list indicates clearly is who is alive and who is dead. Those people who are dead at the end of the book have their names enclosed in {} in the list to make it easy to tell who is still living and who is dead.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily match to where things are at in the TV show as there are some people who have apparently already been killed in the show but who are still alive at the end of the book – for example Stannis and Myrcella Baratheon are both still alive at the end of the book and yet to face anything like what apparently has happened to them in the show.

Two interesting entries for characters marked as still alive are Benjen Stark (the text states presumed dead but his name isn’t surrounded with the {} to indicate that he actually is dead) and Jon Snow who was stabbed and left for dead just before the end of the book but where the list indicates that he is still alive (perhaps he lasts long enough for the book to end and will have died some time during the six or seven years between the end of this book and the start of the next).

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