Friday, July 10th, 2015

No Stopping

Judging from the number of cars I see parked near these signs, a lot of people don’t appear to know what the different parking signs actually mean.

No Stopping means that you are not allowed to stop even to let someone out of the car or pick someone up.

No Standing means you can stop long enough to drop someone off or pick someone up but you can’t stop and wait for someone.

No Parking means that you can stop and wait for someone but the driver must stay with the vehicle. Once the vehicle is left unattended it is considered to be parked.

One area where I regularly see cars parked near no stopping signs is in front of a new unit block in Nuwarra Road Moorebank. Some of the cars are definitely parked in a no stopping area. There are five no stopping signs on that particular section of road and four of them clearly have arrows pointing in both directions. The confusion is that the middle sign has an arrow only pointing in one direction and some cars park on the other side of that sign where the arrow on that sign indicates that the sign doesn’t apply. The next sign behind those parked cars does indicate that it applies in the direction of those cars and so from behind those cars are in a no stopping zone but from ahead they are not. Of course there is also the three metre rule about how close to double centre lines you are allowed to park and I suspect that all of these vehicles are within three metres of because all of the trucks have to cross the centre line in order to have sufficient space to pass.

I guess these cars are just fortunate that no parking inspectors ever check that particular area.

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