Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Doctor Who

What I liked about the start of the latest series:

  1. – The acknowledgement of the three different times that the Doctor has participated in the fall of Atlantis with the three totally different and incompatible causes.
  2. – The tie-in back to the first Davros episode and even the first Dalek episode.

What I didn’t like about the start of the latest series:

  1. – As with the last series they have completely forgotten that Clara is the impossible girl and knows all 144+ Doctors far better than the Master could ever know him having actually been a part of his entire timestream.
  2. – There were many times the Doctor visited Earth where there wasn’t a crisis such as the one in the early renaissance that occurred during this episode (with the snake colony and dalek forces. For example the Doctor’s visit to China with Marco Polo was far more peaceful.
  3. – How did the doctor get the dalek blaster at the end of the episode and how did he return to that time without his Tardis?
  4. – Why does the Master keep referring to herself as missy? Women can be granted Master degrees (and Doctor degrees), the names of the different degrees are not different for women than they are for men – there are no spinster degrees or missy degrees (unless Master of Information System Security counts as a missy degree – one I am sure plenty of men have too – entitling them to add MISS after their name).
  5. – Why is Clara suddenly in charge of UNIT? The brigadier might have called on Liz or Jo but they were companions of the Doctor who worked for UNIT. Clara isn’t a part of UNIT so there is no reason for UNIT to expect her to know anything more about the situation than they do – or have they remembered that she is the impossible girl?
  6. – All the references all over the Internet to Doctor Who season nine without any mention of the first episode of that season – Day of the Daleks. The current season is of course season 35 (or series 9). For all of you wondering what is going to happen in season 9 – well it happened in 1972 so everything that is going to happen in season 9 already happened 43 years ago.
  7. – How did the Doctor power an electric guitar in the early renaissance? Also how did he get the tank back to that time as it certainly wouldn’t fit through the Tradis doors.
  8. – The last few series of Doctor Who are becoming far too dependent on the daleks for stories. You can only obliterate an enemy so many times with them mysteriously returning more powerful than ever so many times before it ceases to be fantasy and becomes garbage.
  9. – Doctor Who is still showing that a bad producer can have a greater effect on producing poor Doctor Who than a good Doctor can have in creating excellent episodes. Peter Capaldi is a better Doctor than Matt Smith was but both have suffered badly from Steve Moffat’s lack of imagination.

Conclusion – the first episode of series 9 is nowhere near as good as the first episode of season 9. Looking forward to when Steve Moffat steps down now that he has rehashed all his story lines several times over.

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