Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Doctor Who and Clara

I don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding Clara’s “death” in the latest Doctor Who episode. If I remember correctly this is the third time that we have seen Clara die on screen. She is the impossible girl who exists throughout time to save the Doctor. She has and will presumably die millions of times to save the Doctor. Ever since she survived stepping into the Doctor’s timestream she became unbreakable and unable to be removed from events surrounding the Doctor. While Ashildr/Mayor Me talks about tracking the Doctor to look after those the Doctor abandons to their fate, she can only travel forward through time at a rate of one day every twentyfour hours whereas Clara is and always will be somewhere close to the Doctor ensuring that he will win. We know that the Doctor will always be safe because Clara is always there to make sure of it (she even got away with lying to the Master of Information System Security – MISSy – by giving a completely incorrect reason of why the Doctor always wins – the Doctor always wins because Clara is there to change things until he does win).

Ever since Clara became immortal with concurrent access to the entire life of the Doctor she has been the most indestructible thing in Doctor Who (which I suppose in part explains why she could become reckless – it doesn’t matter what she does as she will always exist everywhere the Doctor is. I look forward to seeing how Clara dies the next time she meets up with the Doctor (and the time after that and the time after the time after that).

Clara – the impossible, indestructible girl. The Doctor needs to find someone that he can protect as his next companion as travelling with someone indestructible who protects him m akes it harder for people to identify with the companion.

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