Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Two Newspaper Articles

Rather interesting how the Sydney Morning Herald has two articles next to one another and yet no one has put the two together.

The first article is titled “Two Yanks on our ‘sad’ NBN”. It talks about how even the ‘super fast’ connection they get from the inner city place they are staying at is considered to be below the minimum that they are working on installing in rural areas in the US.The second article is titled “What GoT piracy says about Aussies” and is about how Australians are still the ones most likely to obtain a copy via BitTorrent rather than signing up with one of the streaming services that can provide a legitimate way to watch.

Combining the two provides a possible explanation. Perhaps many of those ‘stealing’ a copy of shows do so because their internet connection is still too slow for them to be able to stream the show. With many third world countries having much faster internet connections available than many people in Australia it is not surprising that there are many Australians who will spend an hour or more downloading a copy of a half hour show in order to be able to watch it without it stopping every minute or two in order to let the show catch up if they try to stream it.

The solution to Australia’s movie piracy problem is to provide a fast enough internet connection so that people can actually consider the legitimate options. Of course those providing the straming service need to provide access at a reasonable price but if people’s connection is too slow to allow streaming then the price for a legitimately streamed copy is irrelevant to them.

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