About Steve

Who am I

Hi, my name is Stephen Chapman and I was born in England a long time ago (1960 to be a little more exact). I moved to Australia along with my parents in 1964 and apart from a couple of years in the early seventies and about six months in 1989, I have lived here ever since.

My interests include computers, model railways, and reading books.

You can find out all about my computer interests on my company website where I intend to discuss anything and everything about computers.


One of my main interests is Model Railways.<;/p>

I was Federal Secretary of the Australian Model Railway Association Incorporated for 14 years before swapping to the Membership Registrar’s job. I am also webmaster of the Association’s web site.

To find out more about my railway interests, please visit my railway pages.


I love to read. My reading interests include fiction novels, mainly science fiction, fantasy, and Agatha Cristie, and non fiction, mostly science, English History, and anything and everything to do with computers.

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