I have personally been resented with the following awards in recognition of contributions I have made.


member of the month awarded August 2007.

mentor awarded November 2008.

advisor awarded December 2009. Note that I decided to stand down as an advisor in January 2012.

SitePoint also run annual awards across all the different categoies that their forums cover. In 2007 I was nominated for four awards, in 2008 I was nominated for three awards and in 2009 I was nominated for six awards (and declined two). SitePoint allow a maximum of two of these awards to go to the same person in each year. In 2010 I was nominated for three awards but as I had already won all three before I declined the nominations. 2011 and I have been nominated for only two awards but they are ones I haven’t won before so I accepted the nominations even though I don’t expect to win. In 2012 I was again nominated for one award I had been nominated for several times before but hadn’t won and didn’t expect to (as the same person wins that award every year). In 2013 I was nominated for two awards that I hadn’t received before (not that they are ones that I would expect to win).

computer helper of the year and JavaScript guru of the year 2008 awarded January 2009.

domain guru of the year and programming guru of the year 2009 awarded January 2010.

Note that my policy is to not run again for awards that I have already won.

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