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Favourite Author Links

Here are some links that relate to some of the authors that I enjoy reading. Some of these are links to the author’s official website while others are links to fan sites that I think contain worthwhile information about the author. Not all of my favourite authors have a link here because I haven’t found suitable links for all of them yet.

Asimov’s Science Fiction
Chaos Manor in Perspective – The official Jerry Pournelle site
Deryni Destination the official Deryni Katherine Kurtz Website
Hatrack River – The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card
Known Space The Future Worlds of Larry Niven
Piers Anthony
Science Fiction Timeline Site . . . Jerry Pournelle’s Future History . . .
Stephen Goldin Science Fiction & Fantasy Author
Sweet Despise Michael Moorcock Homepage
The L-Space Web – A Terry Pratchett – Discworld Web Site
The Raymond E Feist Reference Pages

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